Abs on Abs

Did we say abs?  30 mins. is all you need of this intense core strengthening circuit.



We're bringing sexy back in this cardio style class focused on the upper half.  30 mins.


Ballet BurN

Hold the classical music in this fist pumping, turned out twist on a traditional ballet/floor barre technique that combines cardio with grace and grit.  50 mins.  



Solid cross training that combines ballet, stamina drills, a focus on proper balance and stretching . 50 mins.  


Ballroom BasH

Life's a party in this cardio dance class inspired by the basics of ballroom.  Non partnered.  50 mins.


Contemporary Flow

This follow the groove dance class combines contemporary, jazz and modern elements for a non-stop full body workout that leaves you feeling like a dancer and wanting more.  50 mins.


Dirty Thirty

30 mins. of the highest intensity work.  Let's just say drop down and give me 30.


Hot Heels

Hair flips.  Body rolls.  Cat crawls.  Move your body like a fierce diva in this low lit, sensual cardio dance class. Bring your heels and your inner goddess.  50 mins.


Kick & PuncH

Calling all freedom fighters.  It’s you against you in this cardio kickboxing class that moves in a way where you lose track of time.  No bags needed or gloves to take off.  50 mins.  


Llama & Me Pwr House

Mommies, daddies, nannies come with the little one for a family friendly approach to our Pwr Hour class.  45 mins. of cardio, conditioning, stretching, toning.  You can move with your child or allow them to play with pals.  All ages welcome. 


Love & Hip Hop

Focus on individual style and rhythmic interpretation as you get down with flow, footwork drills and a swagged out combination.  50 mins.


Lowlit Yoga

Dim lights, mood music and ambiance provide major relaxation in this gentle, restorative yoga class.  50 mins.


Pilates Thanks A Lot-y

Leave this deep core pilates mat class feeling stronger, taller and more balanced.  The last 5 minutes are reserved for you to pen out a complimentary thank you note.  Free stamps.  55 mins.


Pwr Hour

Our powerful stamina and strength conditioning class consisting of minute long drills (and songs) that deploy the full body as its’ resistance.  60 mins.


Stretch Goals

We all set em.  In this class you will work towards gaining flexibility through exercises that emphasize lengthening, bending and expanding.  50 mins.  


THINK TANK - Speed Mvmt

On “Co-work”out Think Tank days, we rapid fire through a mix of all of our group classes.  Like speed dating, but better.  30 mins.


Yoga Jam

Vibe on vinyasa.  Music is the inspiration for each class so you can expect a continuous flow to a dj, a band, a live artist, or a plain old rocking mixtape.  50 mins.