The best things happen when creative people get together.  Free Mvmt Shop is a stellar place to exercise your brain and body.  Let us be clear, this is by no means a traditional co-working space.  Our team happens to answer emails and think from here and we would love some company.  We OFFER Classes for 30 minutes during a THINK TANK “co-work”out day, of which you should absolutely step away from your laptop.

Bring your own headphones or enjoy our soundtrack for the day.  The natural sunlight pouring into our studio from the wall of windows serves as a major motivation.  If you need a day away from your cubicle or are a freelancer looking for a unique space to meet a client this will certainly WORK.  And if you want to MOVE with us before, during or after, all the better.



$17 per day for Think Tank access 9a - 5p & the 30 minute lunch break Speed Mvmt class - begins at noon

$30 per day for above plus 1 class before or after the workday (same day)


Workspace requires a RSVP.  Availability changes week to week.  Check our calendar of happenings and reserve your spot today.  Please note reservations at 10p the night before.