Social impact

When we come together to move, we come together to make an impact.  Revenue from our core group classes supports the local nonprofit organization of the month.  Support is both financial and physical in that we offer the organization free classes and a private movement event during their month.  We believe in the power of their work and look forward to inspiring our movers with their missions. 


january - embarc

Embarc is a three-year program that provides community-driven, experienced-based learning opportunities to low-income High School students to inspire and prepare them for college and career success.  By supplying students with myriad positive models of success, journeying out of their neighborhoods to directly engage with the cultural and commercial worlds in our city, Embarc lays out the practical steps necessary for students to move towards their dreams.


February - girlforward

GirlForward is a community of support dedicated to creating and enhancing opportunities for girls who have been displaced by conflict and persecution.  The Mentoring Program pairs girls with mentors to engage in "4W" activities (Wellness, Wisdom, Wallet and World) in order to explore their passions and graduate from high school. Camp GirlForward provides a space for girls to simultaneously build their English skills while exploring their identities and learning about the world around them. The Safe Spaces Project provides safe spaces for girls to explore their identities, connect with other girls, and access the resources they need. 


march - green star movement

Green Star Movement inspires students and community members through the creation of public art. This interactive process builds teamwork and self esteem in participants and revitalizes urban neighborhoods.  Since founding in 2005, Green Star Movement has provided more than 6,000 students with mural arts programming and successfully transformed the interiors and exteriors of over 60 public spaces, including schools, parks, community centers and underpasses.


april - socialworks

SocialWorks aims to empower youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement while fostering leadership, accessibility, and positivity within the youth throughout Chicago.  Their framework for interactive spaces and experiences aims to nurture local talent and open new doors, much like what its co-founder Chance The Rapper has done in the music industry.  

We are currently taking submissions for future nonprofits of the month. 

Contact Ashley to learn more about this program and how to submit your organization for consideration.


Free Mvmt Shop donates off site workshops, classes and seminars to organizations that are making the world a better place.