We believe that through moving the body with intention, one can attain incredible growth in terms of fitness, health, and happiness. This is why all of our classes are based around human movement and connection.  Too often, being physically active becomes another task to check off a list.  A mindless quest to burn calories and build muscle.  Free Mvmt Shop breaks that routine with a different energy. We foster a social, creative, and playful space where you can ask more of yourself in order to develop new capabilities, while having a darn good time. 

"That was way more fun than a treadmill."


Your brain is also muscle.  We strive to inspire people not only physically but mentally with our events and programming.  These experiences tap into the other part of our being in which we learn, create, manifest, and process.  We are cultivating a creative community and have knowingly designed the space to invite you to think outside the box.  We encourage you to take a mental break from the traditional confines and stresses of everyday life and guide you to enjoying more of the actual moment.


The earth without art is just "eh."  Free Mvmt Shop provides space for diverse artistic and cultural expressions.  We present life through dance, music, performance art, fashion, photography, and other visual exhibits.