Free Mvmt Shop at your office?! Now that’s a good day not to work from home.

We offer a 30 minute In Office "Dance Break" to start-up and corporate businesses around Chicago.  This simple class is upbeat and high energy beginning with a warm up/stretch, followed by across the office (across the floor), and ending with a fun, simple routine.  You can sign up to begin the day, end the day, or have a lunch break dance jam.  The benefits are obvious in that it provides a nice stress release, allowing employees to be more energized upon return. We can work in any space and will provide our own music and sound system. Step away from the desk and dance.  Intrigued? Sign up below and we will be in touch.


“Thank you for getting us out of our seats and moving our bodies today! It was so much fun.”

“It felt so uplifting to have a dance break at work with you and colleagues. Thank you for leading and inspiring us!” 

“I never thought I’d leave my desk to do an arabesque.”