In The Making - Before & After

Founder and studio owner Ashley Rockwood has religiously combed commercial real estate sites for unique space.  Would it be coffee, cabaret, donuts, activewear?  The quest for bringing people together for an unknown, fill in the blank finally ended when this one showed its face. 

Ashley has had an eye on design for years.  Even venturing into a few courses at Harrington School of Design in an off contract season from her career as a professional dancer.  

One would say this is her first large scale overhaul renovation and we think it is pretty remarkable considering the budget was almost non existent and the contractor only had 2 weeks to give.  In a world where people are doing 6 million dollar fitness studio build outs (clears throat), you would be shocked at the numbers here.  Design on a dime, do more with less, reduce, reuse, recycle.  Just make it happen.  Lululemon says, "Do It Now."  And rather than wait for a time when a six figure check falls from the money tree, get resourceful, get creative, get your hands dirty.  Key words  - sweat equity.  And very literally, including taking down the entire drop ceiling by hand and by her lonesome.  In another life she might just come back as a #bossbabe general contractor.  Check out the making of Free Mvmt Shop.