Dear Life - Free Mover Profile - Jess

Free Mvmt Shop lends itself beautifully to just about everything, if you haven’t noticed. And so does the voice of singer/songwriter Jess Godwin. Soul, indie, folk, pop, quirk - it all sounds like heaven from her.


Jess and I met through a collaboration in 2016 for her song Shame. Her music is message carrying, she cares about bringing art and freedom of expression to kids in schools, and her inner beauty pours out to the world.

Jess began coming to Free Mvmt Shop (numero dos) legit the first day we opened our doors. And it has been a luscious journey watching her grow through movement. Anddd word on the street is her tennis game has gotten even better since she started. Andddddddd insider secret, her favorite class is Contemporary Flow. My guess as to why? Because she can move without boundaries and she feels her most free. Plus the music is damn good and right up her alley.

The above video is a “reflective clip” from our first ever Be You and Be-You-Tiful Portrait Sesh with MyKat Photography. Note: The gal singing is the amazing Jess Godwin. Being the sap I am, I thought it would be nice for the subject to have a little something new post their experience on camera. A look at what their shoot was like on the outside. Often times in a photoshoot we are so consumed with worry of how things will look aka come across that we may not enjoy the actual moment. Is the hair right? Is the outfit styled? Is that a good angle? And not…

“This is a celebration of me.” “What courage it takes to get in front of the camera.” “I am strong.” “Thank you body for being here for me to do this.” “I am beautiful.”


Jess locked in right away. From the minute she walked in the door, well quite a few minutes later after an eyeliner on the contact catastrophe (which she didn’t sweat one bit). Her confidence was clear. Confidence in a whatever happens happens, relaxed, I know who I am no matter what kind of way. Radiance, beauty, kindness, grace. An impeccable, no fuss style topped off with killer Nikes made the camera a BFF.

She may our may not kill me for the following but it’s on that old thing called the internet. So naturally I had to have it. She loves me. So actually she won’t kill me. But I do think it is worthwhile noting that MOVEMENT has POWER.



Dear Life is the EP titled track from her Chicago-based music duo with Gabe Ruiz, Sinfolk. Run to download this delicious sound on itunes or spotify.

Check out their upcoming performance at the Venus Cabaret Theater - December 22 @ 8p