Workout with Friends - Free Mover Profiles - Erin & Kate


Friends that sweat together, stay together.  And not only do these two sweat but they also kick the crap out of their shadows in Kick & Punch.  Erin Clow & Kate Johansson, our little power pack, dynamic duo defines a Free Mvmt Shop true friendship.  In fact, they have taken a class together almost every week since day one.  Always there to push one another through the next combo, or make a face when one of them totally biffs (not technically a word) another combo.  Seen high five-ing after class, followed religiously by a lay down from either or both parties, their positivity and support is inspiring to watch.  We know when these two walk through the door they mean business.  But more like a mullet.  Business in the front but a fun party in the back.

I am reminded of the power of accountability.  When you make it a date, it is far easier to stick to.  And once you start sticking to it, you become bummed when you have to miss or feel the impulse to ditch.  Pick someone who will hold you accountable for not only their health and fitness but your own.