Abs on Abs

Did we say abs?  30 mins. is all you need of this intense core strengthening circuit.



We're bringing sexy back in this strength class focused on the upper half.  30 mins.



30 mins. of intensity for the lower body.  Never half-ass anything anything in life.  Whatever you do, always use your full ass. 



This emo-centric dance class combines contemporary and modern elements for a full body expressive workout that leaves you feeling like a dancer and wanting more. Warm up, across the floor, and combination. 50 mins.


Energizer hunny

Recharge your batteries in this 30 min. follow along, all out, non stop dance jam.



Burn, sculpt and tone your full figure in this turned out twist on a floor barre, ballet based mat class.  50 mins.


Hello Heels (POP IN)

Body rolls for days. This class focuses on core stability, leg strength, and proper balance in heels. Move gracefully with a dash of sass in this low lit, sensual dance class. Bring your own heels and your inner goddess.  50 mins.


HOT! Hot! Hot!

Life's a party in this quick moving, cardio dance class. Heavy on footwork, sass and latin style basics including cha cha, mambo, merengue, salsa and more.  Non partnered.  50 mins.


Just Dance

Hey there dance-y pants, you’ll feel the beat and love the vibe of this jazz meets fitness class. This is a real dance class. I repeat reallll as in warm up, across the floor and combination. 50 mins.  


Kick & PuncH

Calling all freedom fighters. It’s you against you in this fast paced, cardio kickboxing class.  High impact drills that move in a way where you lose track of time. No bags needed or gloves to take off. 50 mins.


Llama & Me WORKOUT

Mommies, daddies, nannies come with the little one for a family friendly approach to our Pwr Hour class.  Full body workout with cardio, strength and conditioning, stretching, and toning.  You can move with your child or allow them to play with pals.  All ages welcome. Sign up here. 45 mins.


Love & Hip Hop

Focus on individual style and rhythmic interpretation as you get down with flow, footwork drills and a swagged out combination.  50 mins.


MOVE with bae (POP IN)

This couples class comes with a warm up, stretching/stress relief, moving cardio and ends with partnered social dance and ballroom basics. A perfect date for newlyweds, oldlyweds, engaged pairs or a simple date with bae. 60 mins.


Pwr Hour (POP IN)

Our powerful stamina and strength conditioning class consisting of minute long drills (and songs) that deploy the full body as its’ resistance.  60 mins.



Solid cross training that combines a focus on proper balance with ballet techniques, stamina drills, and deep stretching. 50 mins.  


Strength in yoga

Athletic, vigorous vinyasa yoga flow that emphasizes finding your internal heat, increasing stamina, firing into flexibility and seeking strength to reduce stress.  60 mins.  


Stretch OUT (POP IN)

Find space to release stress and tension.  In this class we lay it all out with exercises that increase flexibility through lengthening, bending and expanding. *Keep an eye out for our monthly Free Stretch Friday! 50 mins.  


Speed Mvmt

Rapid fire through a mix of all of our group classes.  Like speed dating, but better.  30 mins.


Yoga Jam

Vibe on vinyasa.  Music is the inspiration for each class so you can expect a continuous flow to a soundtrack you’ll love.  60 mins. 


A rotating schedule of classes and guest teachers offered weekly. Check the schedule on MINDBODY and/or our events page for pop in class announcements.


We love to sweat for a cause. Contact us if interested in hosting a fundraiser class with Free Mvmt Shop.