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Sound Bath with Rachel Elizabeth Maley

Rachel Elizabeth Maley is a visual and sound artist based outside of Chicago. She comes to Free Mvmt Shop with a gentle and restorative immersion in the sounds of singing bowls, drums, gongs, and other tools. Despite our casual relationship with sound on a day-to-day basis, sound can be used as a tool for awareness, rest, and transformation. By creating an environment in which sound is their sole focus, guests will enter into a meditative state and build a new appreciation for the potent effects of sound in our lives. Guests have reported spontaneous insights and visions, deep rest (“like dreaming while awake”), and relief from symptoms of migraines and neurological disorders. “Bathe” in the vibrations of ancient and modern instruments, attaining deep rest. Appropriate for all seeking stillness, relaxation, meditation, or simply a really great nap. $35