January 1-31

Since birth family, coaches, friends, basically everyone and their mom have told us to “give it your all”.  We do our best to be the best at all times. But what happens when we don’t have it all? Can giving something be ok?  Our answer, absolutely!

This month we challenge you to stop the “All or Nothing” thinking.  And instead bring “All or Something” into your life. 

Join us this month for ALL or SOMETHING, a January Positivity Boost.  We’d love for you to consider not existing in such black and white.  Watch for the unconditional never or ever.  Replace the extreme self defeating energy with realistic and positive self talk.  Notice when you gave it your ALL and when you simply gave it SOMETHING and celebrate both.


10 classes over the month

One 5 minute meditation per week

One positive spin ‘note to self’ per day

$85 (includes unlimited classes January 1-31, weekly email with meditation and tips, special gift upon completion)